After Building and Providing manufacturing services for multiple Sportswear and Streetwear brands worldwide, We decided to launch GYM STREETWEAR ® to sale direct to consumers, thus allowing great prices, customer service, innovative apparel and most importantly high level quality products.

GYM STREETWEAR®  the retail brand is a hybrid apparel brand that fuses GYM and STREETWEAR our philosophy is absorbed in a  Utilitarian Theory which focuses on the “greatest happiness for the greatest number of people”

Our Wholesale Division: Ikenga Holdings also designs and develops private label brands for fitness impresarios and influencers.

The Primary function of Ikenga Holdings is Production, Creative Design, and Fulfillment Services.  Ikenga is dedicated to providing wholesale apparel products while working with B U I L D ( CR8VMNDS TEAM) to offer creative direction and product development consultation. Our clients consist of Entertainers, Athletes, Influencers, and Business People alike.


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